Published: 18 Nov 2015

Global Climate Week: Prague College workshop and events

This week, Prague College is excited to be involved in two events as part of the international movement for awareness of climate change

On 30 November 2015, the United Nations summit on climate change begins. This will be a major conference at which it is hoped that  all attending countries will commit to the goal of maintaining global warming at no more than a maximum of 2°C.

Here at the college, we are playing our part in two ways. First, at 2pm on 22 November, we are hosting a special workshop to prepare materials which will become the centrepiece of our own 'happening' the following week. The event will be an experiential 'Meeting with Earth', sharing our personal and internal experiences through simple artistic expression.  The workshop is designed with children in mind, so feel free to come as a family and join us on a journey of discovery about what we love about life on Earth. The workshop will be in Czech and English.

Then, at 2pm on 29 November, you are invited to join us in Riegrovy sady, the wonderful green space next to the college, for a contemplative 'happening' that is both playful, poetic, and personal. We'll be joining a number of worldwide events including the Global Climate March later the same day.

To get involved in the Prague College workshop or the event in Riegrovy sady, please contact Alice Buehler

If you are on Facebook, you can join the 22 November workshop here or the 29 November happening here