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Further Czech accreditations - press release

by Alex Went, on 24 October 2005 02:00:00 CEST

Prague College announced accreditation of its International Business program by the Czech Ministry of Education.

PRAHA (24.10.2005) – Prague College, in a presentation with the representatives of LCCI International Qualifications (LCCI), announced that its International Business programs, including the Diploma, Higher Diploma and Professional Diploma in International Business, have received accreditation by the Czech Ministry of Education.  It is the first international business qualification to be offered that is also a Czech qualification.  Prague College’s International Business programs are based primarily on LCCI curriculum.

"Not only will our students be able to receive an international qualification, but now they will receive a nationally accredited diploma as well,"said Douglas Hajek, director of Prague College. "This is the beginning of a number of plans at Prague College to offer its British qualifications in business, IT and design within the Czech educational framework."
At the presentation, Prague College introduced the representatives of the LCCI including the Director of Business Development – Mr. Mike Thompson and two directors for the Central European region –Mr. Bob Mellor and Mrs. Vicky Davison. LCCI is an awarding body accredited with the UK regulatory authorities, with a history spanning 125 years. LCCI provides business qualifications in more than 140 countries around the world. 
LCCI and Prague College are working closely on adapting its internationally recognized programs to meet the needs of the Czech market. "We are delighted to support Prague College in this ground-breaking blend of internationally recognized qualifications which address the current needs of the Czech job market," says Mr. Thompson.
According to Mr. Thompson, there is a high demand for people with practical skills and English language proficiency in the UK as well as the other countries of the European Union. Based on recently conducted research by the UK agency in hospitality area, the UK will be in particular need of skilled people in the hospitality/catering area if it expects to fill more than the estimated 500,000 positions.
The goal of LCCI and Prague College is to train students and employees in specific areas and to help them receive the specific skills needed at the workplace. The qualifications are practically focused and internationally recognized, which allows the fresh graduates as well as current employees to become more flexible and valuable at their workplaces.
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