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'Devět' - Foundation in Art & Design exhibition 2019

by Michal Kroca, on 21 January 2019 08:07:00 CET

Vernissage: 28 Jan, 5pm | Exhibition: 29-30 Jan, 10am-5pm | Prague College, Polska 10

A journey that started a year ago.

Devět marks not the end but rather the beginning of that part of our lives where we discover the artists and designers in us. With each of us preparing to go our own ways, this exhibition marks the debut of showcasing our creativity open for all to witness. Being a diverse group, our work follows suit by being equally diverse. Some with views and representations of the way they see things, others on a quest and a few on being their own transparent selves.

The 9 of us symbolize the keys which unlock the door showing this sojourn. Beyond this door, you will see each of us in our own little nook or bang in the centre of it all.

As apprentices in the art and design world we would love to have you there to support us.

The Foundation Team of 1804


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