Published: 11 Nov 2016

Fine Art Experimental Media students find room for expression

pokoje5.pngAlongside their contemporaries from ten universities and fifty art studios across the Czech Republic, Prague College students are proud to be participating in a ten-day-long exhibition of work by young artists.

Pokoje (Rooms) is an annual event, so called because each group is allocated an empty space to fill with whatever they wish, using the widest possible range of artistic and musical media. The exciting location is the riverside building known as the 'Containall Palace' in Prague’s Malá Strana district. 

For the 2016 edition of Pokoje, William Holm, Liaman Khankishiyev, Wayne Kratochvil, Lala Lutfalibayova and Sharina Shahrin have put together a concept named ‘Pit-Stop’, whose theme is journeying.

'There is a distinct difference between travel and a Journey,’ they tell us. ‘When travelling one has a destination, but with a journey, there is no destination, only a new world and the people you meet on the way.

‘Our room holds five very different individuals. Some are strangers, some are close, but all are following a common thread of creative momentum. This Pit-Stop displays a slice of a journey through time and space, tethering these people together. As kind strangers, walking through the dark, we offer this slice.’

Entry to the exhibition is 100 CZK (70 CZK students), and everyone is very welcome. The Containall project is at Cihelná 4, Malá Strana, and opening times are as follows

11 November (vernissage) 7pm to 11pm
12 November 2pm to 9pm
13,14, 15, 16, 18 November: noon - 9pm
17 November: 10am to 9pm
19 November: noon to 11pm
20 November: 2pm to 9pm

Photo gallery from the exhibition:

Fine Art students exhibiting at POKOJE 5