Published: 30 Apr 2018

Experimenta #1: Fear Freedom and Faith

Sunday 6 May at 7pm | Hybernska 4, Praha 1

experimenta #1

Experimentation frees us from expectations; it diverts our attention from attaining the perfect results to posing questions. From this, we eventually learn to answer these questions in different ways, hence making room for multiple paths and finding new territories.

A new project co-produced by students of the Foundation in Art & Design programme and the first year of HND Fine Art, Experimenta #1 celebrates creative freedom, the game we play while exploring media, material, ideas and ourselves.

It also celebrates the fact of not aiming for a result. It will be an evening to showcase works that originated from personal experimentation, collective research and the cooperation between art and design students and lecturers. 

If you'd like to come, let us know in the form on the right or visit the Facebook event

The event starts at 7pm on Sunday 6 May at the exciting space at Hybernska 4 near Namesti Republiky. 

The Century of Ourselves (7pm to 7.40pm)
Student participants: Mandan Issa, Nicola Florence Ziboni, Maria Sempekova, Ji Yoon Kelly Lee, Guram Gachechiladze, Samantha NG Mei Yet, Emily Junginger, Laman Salahli, Darya Barkova, John Tyler Vesneski, Jindriska Krejci and Handa Yaon.

Catalogue of The Mirror Will Make Our Living Room Look Bigger (8pm)
Design and photography: Vanesa Váchová

Linguistic Empathy (8.15pm) 
Student participants: Chanyul Kim, Ye In Chun, Makram Alnaber, Ayoub Motaraf, Julia Santilli, David Ahmad, Ali Zolal, Damira Mendybayeva, Stanislava Karpova and Tanvi Shettigar.

Concert DSCMFRT  (8.30pm)
Sound improvisation by: Keya Singh, Elizabet Sukhishvili, Omar Walid Mohamed Taher Mohamed Elsadek, Hoi Man Hero Tang, Mackenzie Lee, Tornike Mezvrishvili, Katy Lodge, Abraham Mendez and Huyen Vi Tranová.

Party (9.30pm)

Visuals: Hai Long Krc

Organizers: Cristina Maldonado, Tanvi Shettigar, Omar Walid Mohamed Taher Mohamed Elsadek and Tornike Mezvrishvili. 

Program leaders: Franco Hüller and Kelly Hoben. Collaboration between lecturers Cristina Maldonado, Jennifer Helia deFelice and Andrea Pruchova.

Designs: Hai Long Krc, Tanvi Shettigar, Guram Gachechiladze.

With the support of: Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU), Handa Gote, Susanne Kass and The Stranger Gets a Gift.