Published: 16 Jan 2015

End-of-semester shows from the School of Art & Design

A wide range of student work went on display at the end of the current semester. Thanks to all who came to see these immersive, interactive experiences at Prague College and Kolbenova.

Three new art exhibitions and events took place in the final weeks of the semester. The first, on Sunday 18 January, was produced by students of Interface Design and New Technologies for Arts and Interactive Media, taught by Pascal Silondi, Jakub Grosz and George Cremaschi. Their new creations used interactive real-time audio-visual techniques and sensors to engage the audience with the works of art. Photos from this immersive experience - appropriately named 'Synergy' - can be seen here

The following week, on Monday 26 January, Prague College hosted the first exhibition of work by this year's Foundation year in Art and Design. This was a perfect opportunity to witness the emerging talent of our most recent students.

Finally, 'Interferences' took place at the old Praga factory in Kolbenova - nowadays no longer used for industry but as a gallery space for contemporary artists. Five of our students exhibited their latest interactive work. The students chose this location because of its special atmosphere, in which the derelict meets the functional. Our students work literally 'interfered' with the building's unending period of controlled decay, replacing the missing machines with different forms altogether. The event opened on Tuesday 27 January at 6pm and was greatly enjoyed by those who came.

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