Published: 16 Apr 2018

Sustainability Days: Celebrate Earth Week at Prague College!

Starting on 18 April 2018, we will be holding a week of Earth Day celebrations here at Prague College. We will be starting conversations and learning simple things we can do as individuals and community to live more wisely and with greater respect for the natural world and our own future.

To register for any of the events, please click on the relevant links:

poster_sust-with-timesOver the course of one week, we are offering Zero Waste workshops, ways of meeting other people interested in Leading the Change, and a chance to participate in workshops in slow fashion, sustainable architecture and urban living, run by our students under the title OMGreen!

Fellow eco-enthusiasts, please come and join us for the following events, discussions and workshops!

Wed 18 April at 5pm to 6pm, room 104 - Zero Waste Workshops with student council representative Lamija Cehajic

Thu 19 April at 2pm to 3pm, room 002 - Zero Waste Workshops

Fri 20 April at 10am AND 3pm in the Student Kitchen: Leading the change: a chance to get to know others and share/learn what we can do individually and brainstorm for further events and actions in Prague College. If the weather is good, we'll meet in the courtyard.

Tue 24 April at 5pm to 7pm - OMGreen!, rooms 102 and 104  - Audiovisual and interactive media workshops