Published: 09 Nov 2016

Czech News Agency welcomes Prague College students


On the second of two visits this semester to Prague-based media organizations, students of the BA (Hons) Communications & Media Studies programme were shown round the Czech News Agency and Photobank. They met with the Editor-in-Chief of Photobank, Petr Mlch, who gave a short introduction to the Czech News Agency, which was founded more than 100 years ago. The students also visited the main news room and an impressive archive which contains around 7 million stored photos.

Impressions from student Kristina Bakeeva:

quote-marks.pngToday the students of HND Creative Media Production and our lecturer Czech News Agency_2-1.jpgMasa Hilcisin visited CTK Fotobanka, the biggest photo-news agency in Prague, where some of us will be taking an internship later on. The trip through the CTK Fotobanka was exciting and informative. We were able to learn how the whole system of the photo-news agency works, look through its offices and meet some of the employees. Thousands of new photos pour in to the agency every day, and the agency's photo reporters are constantly travelling to capure new material on culture, sport and news. Hopefully some of us will be part of this big corporation in the future.

Photographs by students Kristina Bakeeva and Liana Sas