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Career Fair 2019: Environmental Careers Discussion Panel

by Ry Hallada, on 09 May 2019 15:04:22 CEST

Recap by Ry Hallada

At a time when our impact on the world around us is becoming more and more alarming, we must find ways to continue efforts to control and possibly reverse the damage we as humans have done to the environment. Students, lecturers and staff have taken the 2018/2019 academic year at Prague College as our community's opportunity to raise awareness and do our part in promoting environmental consciousness. Our #NoTimeToWaste theme has not only inspired interesting projects, but has also lead to one of our most interesting Career Fair Discussion Panels to date! 


The 2019 Career Fair at Prague College brought many inspiring talks, experience sharing, insights from experts, and a showcase of leading local and international companies. Students and alumni got hands on experience with Kanban coaching techniques, CV/Resume advice direct from top level managers, and public speaking tips to really get an idea of how to stand out during interviews. Twenty-three different companies were represented at this year's fair, each with a story to tell and opportunities to be pursued. 

Along with the presentations and guest speakers, our main event was an Environmental Careers discussion panel. Inspiring people from ExxonMobil, Johnson & JohnsonAb InBev and Prague College gave insight into what their respective companies do to make a positive impact on the environmental situation we are facing. Each panelist started by giving some background about who they work for and the initiatives they take part in, both individually and as a company.


Our moderator, Ry Hallada, then focused on a series of questions on positions available at each company that focus on the environment, how to get involved with special initiatives, and a deeper discussion on how we personally try to make a difference.

Interesting take-aways were that each company, and each individual makes contributions in a variety of ways, all of which were inspiring discover. In additional to ExxonMobil's renewable energy goals, one of their internal initiatives was to remove personal waste bins at each desk. In a company that has over 1000 employees in one building, even a small change can make a serious impact. Ab InBev shared some of their progressive business goals related to the environment, but also shared a a great solution for a plastic problem that plagues the land and the sea. Instead of the typical plastic rings used as can holders, they've implemented a recycled cardboard version to help reduce a packaging and waste problem we know all too well. We then also learned that at Johnson & Johnson there are regularly coordinated, employee-driven neighbourhood clean-ups in which large groups of colleagues get together for a hands on approach to keeping our environment clean. 

Overall, it is refreshing to learn that even at the higher cooperate level, there are people that take great care to make a positive impact on the world and the environment around them. Although the panel agreed that steps like bringing reusable cloth bags to the grocery store, using a personal water bottle (rather than buying plastic for one-time use), and limiting the amount of waste we create on a daily basis are all necessary steps, much more is needed to ensure a brighter, cleaner future for life on planet Earth. 
At Prague College, we are committed to raising environmental awareness and making a positive impact in as many ways as we can. Our student body does a great job of implementing our annual theme in to their projects, and our staff has made great efforts to reduce waste in our building wherever possible. We are actively involved in the community and the industry related to Environmentalism, so if you haven't been able to participate in one of our Master Speaker series or workshops this year, be sure to join us for #NoTimeToWaste finale at Minimum Waste on June 4th! We will be presenting our year's work along with some other great surprises, so stay tuned! 
Lastly, Prague College would like to thank Alina Hrubant (ExxonMobil), Gema Sancho (Ab InBev), Alice Buehler (Prague College) and Martina Lohrovál (Johnson & Johnson) for their participation in our Environmental Discussion panel. We feel privileged to be able to create a platform for professionals that not only work hard, but dedicate their time and effort into such an important topic. Their contributions represent the values and beliefs we strive to uphold. To learn more about each of their companies, please visit their company websites or contact us at Prague College to learn more about our combined efforts! 


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