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Our graduates are busy.... designing global car ads

International advertising agency Fallon was founded in Minneapolis in 1981. Its Prague office employs fifty professionals, the majority of them working on the global account for Czech car manufacturer ŠKODA. Among them are Prague College ...

Partners of Prague College: the French Institute

The French Institute has been a part of the cultural landscape of Prague since its foundation in the 1920s; in the last two years, there has been significant cooperation between Prague College and the Institute.

Man Disconnected: Motivating Millennials

Thursday 19 October 2017 | 5.30pm - 8pm | Prague College

In a world increasingly driven by social media, how are students viewed in the context of university and employment?

'Children Online': a special documentary screening

Wednesday 18 October 2017 | 7.15pm | Room 209

Most children today learn to use a computer before they learn how to tie their shoes or ride a bike. All around the world a new generation of children is growing up spending more time in the virtual ...

Visiting Artist: Palo Fabuš

Thursday 12 October 2017 | 6pm | Bishop's Court

Our first VALS speaker of the semester is Palo Fabuš, editor-in-chief of Umělec, an art magazine devoted to Czech visual culture with readers and contributors from all over the world.

Prague College students participate in contemporary art showcase

6 to 14 October | Prvního pluku 20/2, Praha 8-Karlín

From 6 to 14 October at Kasarna Karlin (Karlin Barracks), Prague College students are participating in the '4+4 Days in Motion' festival of contemporary art. 

Prague College at Akademia 2017

Thinking of university? Visit us at this season's university fair in Bratislava

Looking for a university? Try one of our Open Day classes!

Are you still looking for a university place? We are taking late applications right up to 6 October, and if you're interested in a place at Prague College, there's an excellent opportunity for you to find out what it's like in one of our classes.

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