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News & Events

Dr. Simon Morris: "Eating the Book"

Simon Morris presents four of his experimental bookworks that challenge conventional methods of reading and writing.

Morris is one of the leading proponents of conceptual writing: a fusion of art and literature. From December 2011, he was ...

Aiming for a multinational atmosphere

Read an interview with Prague College's Director, Douglas Hajek

Our director, Douglas Hajek, talks of international universities, our history and the future in last week's Prague Post. You can read the whole article online at praguepost.com.

Underground City XXI - Phase 1 Workshop

The main topics of the workshop are the evaluation of existing technologies related to cyber worlds, collaborative experimentations and 2D/3D multimedia creation in mixed 3D multiuser environments shared on internet.

The week is designed as a ...

Guest lecture on experimental and underground music

Musician, performer, and improvisor Matej Kratochvil will visit Prague College.

He will discuss Czech and Slovak experimental and underground music, in historical and contemporary development, and also his role as Editor-in-Chief for HisVoice ...

Take a look at the photos!

Interactive Media students Daniel Jerabek, Frederika Zigova and Jakub Grosz presented their work of past two years.

Interactive Media Final Show 2010

The Prague College Interactive Media team would like to announce the diploma show of our latest graduates!

David Wadmore: Magazine cover design

Graphic Design guest lecture and workshop

Matthew Moore

School of Art & Design guest lecture and workshop: "Concepts in photography."

Czech Classes start!

New to the city? Curious what people are saying about you? Want to be more confident in Czech?

Grab a friend and join us for Czech Classes! Don't forget, this is the last chance to join!

Room 108

Visualize That!

Unique visual styles, control devices and audio soundtracks combined with diverse aesthetics and experimentation to create something to please your audiovisual soul.


Wavelab brings together sound, music, video production, performance and installation to create a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary space.

The work focuses on sound in its uses and functions within contemporary Interactive Media and ...

Photos from the opening of the Graphic Design exhibition!

...the exhibition runs until April 1 at the Studios

Graphic Design exhibition

Students of the HND Graphic Design programme would like to invite everyone for an opening of their final show.

Students Dmitry Strapchev, Victoria Denisyuk, Sibel Rhea Akyol, Michaela Istokova, Polina Tikk and Shuang Jie Ye will showcase a wide ...

Photos from the exhibition opening!

Interactive Media Final Show at Prague College Studios

Interactive Media Final Show

This group of Interactive Media students has a very diverse and distinct range of work including interactive applications, 3D design, animation, web design, and illustration.

The four students that will be taking part in this final exhibition ...

2nd Prague UCXXI Workshop

After the 1st Prague Workshop in December 2009, Prague College and Libat would like to announce the start of the 2nd Prague Workshop. The workshop is related to Phase 3 of the “Underground city XXI” project, supported by the European Commission.

Master Speakers at Prague College

With a talk “The Changing Face of Marketing 2010 & Beyond”, we are launching The Master Speaker Series at Prague College.

The Master Speaker Series will provide additional interaction and exposure for students of the School of Business by ...

2010 BA Graphic Design Graduation Show

The exhibition focuses on the students’ final project work, which is also one of the key areas of study during the BA third year. The projects are chosen according to each student's personal areas of interest and specialization.

VVVV Workshop - visual programming

VVVV is a programming toolkit using motion graphics, audio and video in real-time. It is based on visual programming in a simple graphic user interface which allows for creative work by absolute (programming) beginners.

Master Speaker Series

The discussion topic is "A Lifetime of Cross Cultural Management" hosted by our Masters Lecturer Felipe Martinez with guest speaker Jose Velasco.


Students of Graphic Design at Prague College are putting on their graduation show! The eleven students participating in this show come from all over Europe and beyond — the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, France and Russia.

The ...

HND Interactive Media Final Show

The show will be presented in a modified space at Prague College Studios and will exhibit the work of three students.

Yevgeniya Drovossekova, Peter Marencik and Petr Zapotocky will, in their exhibition, cover various multimedia areas — ...

New York University & Prague College exhibition

Join us for an exhibition of works by Czech artists, including: Martin Zet - lecturer at Prague College School of Art&Design, Eva Kotatkova, Jana Prekova, Stepanka Simlova and the students of the NYU Study Abroad program in Prague.


UCXXI | 3rd Prague Workshop

Prague College and Libat have prepared the third in a series of workshops titled “Creation and Implementation of 3D models and multimedia content in Underground City 3D Multiuser environments.”

This  workshop is connected to the Phase 3 and 4 of ...

Laboratory with Libat and Prague College

This UCXXI workshop will consist of a special learning and experimental lab, including “3D game engine creation and customization”.

Different programming languages like C++ will be presented, as well as how to compile your own tools to display ...

UCXXI at Invaze Festival

3 days only! Come see us at Trafacka Gallery.

We invite you to ANEMIC Festival!

Prague College has become a partner of the first ANEMIC Festival in Prague. The festival will introduce a fresh multi-disciplinary program consisting of video art, short films, animations and documentary films.

In addition there will be video ...

Master Speaker Series present...

The first speaker in this academic year will be Asgeir Fridgeirsson, founder and Director of ININ Consulting



Interactive Media Students present their Final Show and the first X-mas Holiday Market at Prague College!


HND Graphic Design Final Show

Come take a look behind the scenes of our Graphic Design classes in the surprising  "TWO (WO)MAN SHOW"!The exhibition will include various graphic design projects, drawings and photography.

"Economics, Crisis and Philosophy of Our Age"

Tomas Sedlacek at our upcoming Master Speaker Series.

Students at Work - Interview with our lecturer, Bethany Lactorin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a short video must be worth at least several thousand more!

We would like to showcase some of the class work coming from the Audiovisual Techniques module with Christophe Saidi last semester. Great ...

Experimental media at Cafe v lese

Students performed their audio-visual sets at the well-known Vrsovice venue. Take a look at the photos!

Come and meet us at the Gaudeamus Student Fair

Prague College will present some study opportunities and provide useful information to fair visitors at stand No. 34.

Our lecturers Veronika Douchová and Marie Silondi will also introduce our academic programmes at two public presentations ...

Josef Karasek at Prague College

Prague College would like to invite you to the next Master Speaker Series.

At "Data lost"

Take a look at the photos of the audio-visual performance by our Interactive Media student.


Interactive Media students invite you to their audio-visual performance!

David Black, Lego, Edie, Xatori, Wan Dahl, LL, Embee, Sonya, Puntanella and Jose  supported by their lecturers, will perform live using VJ software to mix multimedia ...

HND Interactive Media Final Show

The exhibition presents work of two students Jaroslava Stefankova and Pavel Belan. Both are finishing their second year of HND Interactive Media programme.

Their presented work can be  divided into three parts. One is being dedicated to 2d and ...

Prague College and Libat present Underground City 3D

Students at the college used the potential of contemporary multi-user game technologies, connecting various disciplines such as art, design, programming, philosophy and interconnected real and virtual environments.

May is taken over by Art & Design Graduation Exhibitions

Prague College graduates of School of Art & Design Bachelors programmes are finishing their preparations of professional instalations of their final projects in well known Prague galleries.

The BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduation Exhibition will ...


Nine people, nine paths, one space. Follow the individual trajectories of nine artists as they come together and move apart, crossing and overlapping, to create a unique exhibition.

9trajectories is a graduation exhibition of 9 students of the ...


The BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduation Exhibition is coming up!

From May 19 until May 26 the AF BKK gallery will host the BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduation Exhibition.  The exhibition will showcase the work of 14 students, drawn from 8 ...


Twenty-one students of the Prague College School Of Art & Design present album cover designs for the legendary Congolese band Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo.

From 2008-2011, students in the Prague College Graphic Design programmes were asked to create ...

The Secret of Ciphers

Prague College hosts an International Conference on Cryptography and Intelligence

Workshop "Interactive Memorial"

Programming languages, Interactive devices, Multimedia Footage Control and Synchronization.

Interest Meeting

The Prague College School of Art and Design invites you to the BA (Hons) Fine Art (Experimental Media) programme interest meeting.

The meeting will offer information about the programme's structure, modules, and the lecturers, and it is open to ...

The Final Show 2011

Prague College School of Art and Design invites you to the HND Interactive Media Final Show

Final Show Exhibition

Prague Colege invites you to the HND Graphic Design Final Show!

See, touch, watch, play, talk, taste, listen, try on - come and explore the work of 9 students - Samanta Budinova, Hana Costelloe, Tibor Ficek, Jakub Gerhardt, Olga Sapozhnikova, ...

Canned Sound

School of Art and Design and Interactive Media students invite you to their multimedia performance.
Prague College students from beginning and advanced sound classes will present performance, interactive, and multimedia works for your listening ...

Jamie Fisher exhibits at Napa Art Gallery!

First solo exhibition of our BA Fine Art graduate

Jamie Fisher is a Canadian artist living and working in Prague. She studied Illustration and Design in Montreal before moving to Prague in 2008, and has recently completed her Bachelors degree in ...

Master Speaker Series – Opening Lecture

Prague College would like to invite you to the lecture “Economics: Body Without a Soul” and book signing of Tomas Sedlacek’s “Economics of Good and Evil”.

We are honored to welcome back PhDr. Tomas Sedlacek, who will deliver a speech “Economics: ...


Prague College will host a theatrical play based on Tomas Sedlacek’s book, “Economics of Good and Evil”.

LiStOVáNí is a series of scenic readings which turn a unique book into a multi-sensory experience. The show has had over 70 repeat showings ...

Congratulations to Prague College graduates!

HND Graphic Design & Interactive Media Graduation Exhibition

Students of the Higher National Diploma Graphic Design and Interactive Media programmes have created for their Graduation Exhibition an identity which reflects their individual personalities as well as their team spirit.

The idea of the ...

Museum 3000

A team of faculty and students from Prague College will participate in an exhibition in the new building of the National Museum

The multidisciplinary M3K team will present two interactive installations, expressing two visions of future ...

Semiotics - 3rd Workshop

The third area of research that will be explored in the third workshop is the semiotics of interfaces and in particular a formalised and systematic approach to the study of signs in computer systems. From this new field some basic concepts from ...

Semiotics - 2nd Workshop

Semiotics and some of its applications to literature, visual art and computing

The second workshop will be focusing on aesthetics and visual communication with a particular emphasis on four important areas of study: semiotics aesthetics, ...

Semiotics - 1st Workshop

Semiotics and some of its applications to literature, visual art and computing

The first workshop will be focusing on literary semiotics and various schools which have developed their own approach to literature. Some of the classics, such as ...

Semiotics workshops

Series of workshops introduces application of semiotics in literature, visual art and computing

Semiotics is an interdisciplinary field of study that is becoming more and more important in the world of professionals for communication, visual ...

Master Speaker Series

Dr. Pablo Ermilio Guerrero Martinez will give a talk titled "Socialism of 21st Century in Latin America". Join us!

The speech will explain the lack of rule of law in Ecuador and will focus on the so-called socialism of the 21st century in Latin ...

Live project and exhibition for Aerofilms

School of Art and Design students invite you to a show of their work

Aerofilms - the film distribution company for the three largest art-house cinemas in Prague (Bio Oko, Aero and Svetozor) - approached the School of Art & Design to design its ...

Photography Open Workshops

Prague College recently hosted the first in a series of workshops on Open Photography

The first workshop focused on Exposure and introduced students to the camera and proper manual exposure techniques. The students became familiar with basic ...

Media M.A.F.I.A.

Come see the showcase of our students‘ work! Students of the Interactive Media programme would like to invite everyone to heir final show in which they display their end of the programme projects.

Vernisage will take place on March 22th at 6 pm.

"Business and Human Rights - Oil at All Costs"

Prague College, in cooperation with Amnesty International, is organizing the first in a series of workshops about human rights. The workshop will deal with the relationship between business and human rights.

Speakers will be Mr Filip ...

Reklama Polygraf

Come and see the Prague College presentation at the forthcoming advertising, media, graphic arts and packaging fair.

Lecturers from Prague College will give two talks:

"Cheer up!"

Come see the showcase of our students‘ work! Students of the Graphic Design programme would like to invite everyone to their HND show in which they display their end of the programme projects.

Vernisage will take place on March 27th at 6 pm at ...

Jazz Talk

Jazz has a reputation for being somewhat esoteric; the goal of this workshop is to expose the truth that jazz can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

The workshop will begin by identifying and defining some of the key characteristics of the ...

"Migration - The Invisible People"

Second workshop with Amnesty International Czech Republic

The second in the series of workshops co-hosted by Amnesty International will present PhDr. Kryštof Kozák, PhD - Department of American Studies, Charles University and Kristýna Andrlová ...

“This Way Up”

The BA (Hons) Graphic Design final show’s theme is “This Way Up,” and the concept represents the young designers as “mail packaging” products, including bubble wrapper, tape, heavy-duty paper and other artifacts which represent packaging.

"Lost and Found"

The theme for the final show of the BA (Hons) Fine Art & Experimental Media programme is “Lost and Found”, which represents the nature in which the final project was conducted.

Calligraphy for Beginners

Workshop by Gavin Bird is a practical learners workshop designed for beginners and those who are interested to find out more about this art field.

Motion Graphics Workshop

The workshop by Ryan Cole for Differing Accents conference will cover the history of motion design, some animation basics and later on I'll introduce you to Aftereffects, the industry standard for 2D animation and motion graphics.

Introduction to Typeface Design

Workshop by Veronika Burian for Differing Accents conference will consist of three different parts: Tracing of characters, Short briefs or lessons and Open critic sessions.

Differing Accents

A four-day Typography and Lettering Conference will bring together renowned speakers from Europe, the UK and the Czech Republic.

Master Speaker Series presents: Project Management Praxis - Music Archive

The speech will explain project management praxis in the non-profit sector, namely by providing a sample project consisting of a design of the digital archive of classical music for the Czech Music Information Centre.

Amnesty International - Prisoners of Conscience

Amnesty International holds its final workshop in the series at Prague College about human rights focusing on the issue of prisoners of conscience.

Katerina Saldova, a spokesperson for Amnesty International, will present Amnesty’s ongoing ...

Come for the food, stay for the art

Students of the HND Graphic Design and Interactive Media programmes will hold a joint final show of their work at Prague College.

The theme of the exhibition is “Come for the food, stay for the art”. The idea behind this is that the attendees ...

Culture Shock Event

Come along to Culture Shock Event, a get-together for our international students. Have fun, make new friends, join a wide range of interest clubs at the college and get an insight into the Czech way of life!

In the Student Lounge.

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