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Alumni Stories: Alexandre Andrada

by Larissa Petryca, on 19 February 2021 17:30:45 CET

We are pleased to announce that Alexandre Andrada, a graduate of our MA Fine Art programme in 2020, has been selected as one of 21 artists to appear in a prestigious international art exhibition, Future Vision. 


The aim of the exhibition is to promote creative computation and computational thinking in the arts and design. International artists, designers, researchers and professionals were selected based on work that explored complex questions that arise when examining forms of electronic data from a critical and creative perspective.

The exhibition and festival is online until March 11 and organised by the University of Porto's Research Institute of Art, Design and Society, i2ADS. The institute recognised that "relations have increasingly been mediated by digital screens, hence we are constantly seeing each other through computer cameras, or “computational eyes”.

In light of this, they asked for creative and speculative responses to the possible forms or types of visions that code points to and ask how we can manipulate or perhaps take advantage of these ways of seeing to speculate about alternative ways of seeing?


Andrada's final year project fit the brief perfectly. His project man =+machine (2020) featured data from his phone which he input into several data-visualisation processing sketches and combined these with other elements such as photographs, sound recordings, and musical patterns that later were all manifested into a larger audiovisual composition that explored personal inner conflicts, tensions, and the role that technology plays in affecting the individual and how it can be used as an avoidance mechanism. You can learn more about his creative processes and the ideas that went into his project in the following video produced for the MA Fine Art Final Show, Reshape in 2020.



To view the Future Vision exhibition visit online here until 11 March 2021.


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