Published: 04 Mar 2014

Against Procrastination

Lukas Havranek offers solutions to a widespread problem

You know that feeling when you don’t want to start a task? Do you ever postpone things, even when you really need to get on with them? Do you stay lying in bed watching a movie - or rather start some beneficial activity which will be of use in the future? Or even do nothing? If we have two equally important tasks and don’t know which to start with, we tend to choose neither, or start with the most irrelevant one. It’s the start of procrastination...    

On Thursday October 31 at 7pm, our next Guest Speaker, Lukas Havranek - a consultant at GrowJob -  will take us through the problem of procrastination. He will examine the most common examples of procrastination, for example why students spend time tidying their rooms during the examination period - and will teach us how to avoid procrastination in our student and professional lives.

"While wasting your time with hesitation and procrastination, life goes on." Seneca, Roman Philosopher