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Heads On! A talk on 3D Printing by Jan Zamecnik

by Alex Went, on 20 October 2016 13:12:14 CEST

Wednesday 2 November 2016 | 6 pm | Room 002

3D printing is no longer just a novelty. In the latest of our 'Heads On' events, we'll be talking about current technology trends and options.

Discover what 3D printing is good for and what you should expect from 3D printing in general. How 3D printing is shaping today's world, how it pushes the boundaries of development, what's possible to print and what's just hoax and PR - and let's find the answer to the most important question of them all: should I get a printer myself?


Jan Zamecnik is a game development veteran. He's created multimedia and games since the era of 8-bit computers. First as a programmer and 2D artist, later in 3D and as an animator. Following this, he slowly evolved back into being a programmer.

He is a passionate crusader for the best user experience: he believes that every workflow step that can be automated is worth automatization. He has worked on many projects including 2K's NBA, Mafia and Arma franchises, TopSpin4 and many more. His other passion is motion capture and any form of computer vision hardware.

Currently, he's Motion Capture director at Prague's Warhorse Studios and, as a Technical Animation lead, he recently put together a facial scanner that captures and processes more than three thousand head scans for character artist department.

Topics:School of Media & IT