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KKCG Group

kkcg-1.jpgKKCG is a private investment group that actively seeks projects with hidden investment potential. Their approach allows them to go where others are afraid to take the risk, and they regard all investments in a broad context, with a clear and long-term vision.

The two most important and fastest growing sectors are crude oil and natural gas exploration and production, and entertainment and information technologies. These key segments are complemented by investments into real estate development ventures, investments into mechanical engineering corporations, and strategic investments into tourism and biomedical research, development, and innovation.

The KKCG portfolio comprises dozens of companies, many of which are leaders in their market segment not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries in the region. The KKCG Group's subsidiaries operate in a number of countries in the CEE region, in Cyprus, and in the Netherlands, and employ over 2,000 workers. KKCG Group manages assets worth close to EUR 1.6 billion. Consolidated net earnings in 2013 amounted to EUR 202 million. Equity amounts to EUR 919 million. KKCG recorded EUR 777 million in revenues in 2013, a 64% increase on 2012.

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