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Grafik Shop

grafik-shop-1.jpgGrafikshop focuses on creative thinking and bespoke production possibilities. It offers a variety of services in the vicinity of creative and art direction, graphic design, branding, print and manufacture for loyal clients in the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and the US.

Grafik Shop was founded by Panagiotis Polyviou, a Prague College BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate.

Grafikshop became a partner of Prague College in 2010, providing services and products for the college and its students. It sells a wide range of materials and tools for design students and professionals. It is also a full service graphic and advertising studio providing all services from the very beginning of the project until the final finished product with professionalism, low cost and quality.

Grafik Shop creates a variety of print types, including big format printing, brochures, leaflets, canvas printing, magazines, newspapers, books, catalogues, even cigarette packs or paper cases for beer. They also provide digital in-house printing with the maximum dimensions of height A2 and length up to 30 metres. Grafik Shop also offers equipment and space rental, provides consultations and organizes workshops.

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