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Brand Embassy

brand-embassy-1.jpgBrand Embassy, founded by Prague College alumnus Vit Horky, helps businesses answer customer service inquiries through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, enabling them to provide “social care” for their customers with its 'SaaS' platform.

The Brand Embassy model has been so successful that over fifty large international companies now make use of their software, including Vodafone, Telefonica O2, TMobile, KIA, ING, Prezi, and GE Money. The company helped to deal with 7.5 million service issues since 2012, especially in the telecoms and financial arenas.

It's hardly surprising that, having opened offices in Prague and London, the company has now closed a $1 million round of seed investment with two funds and is opening six new offices globally, in the USA, Dubai, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and Latin America.

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