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Six in a Box: HND Interactive Media exhibition 2016

by Alex Went, on 31 May 2016 00:00:00 CEST

This year’s HND Interactive Media exhibition consists of six different projects, each created by one of our second year students. 


Although each of them is original in its own way and they don't necessarily share the same theme (at least not in an explicit manner) there is something that unites those works and their creators both as students and upcoming artists: a box.

A box in the sense that each of us, as an individual, has one in which we live. We have our own interests and paths, knowing what we want to do and focus on. College life places us inside another box - one of rules, expectations and responsibilities, and also inside a box in the literal sense - the physical space we share here and, of course, the space of our exhibition.

At the same time, we are taught here to think ‘outside of the box’,  and we will soon be (at least some of us) on our way - leaving the box we have been in together for the past two years and stepping outside of it into the unknown.

Each artist has also taken on a speicifc responsibility in the preparation of the show: they are Lukáš Jaro
 (Curation); David Nguyenm (Production & Architecture); Visar Dyla  (Budget & Portfolio); Maximilián Dudáš (Equipment); Liaman Khankishiyeva (
Graphic Design) and  Jiří Kárník (Catering).

We warmly invite all students, lecturers and prospective students to the exhibition, which runs from 31 May to 2 June at Prague College.

Topics:School of Art & Design