Published: 21 Apr 2016

Prague College-ACCA Business Ethics workshop

Accaworkshop.pngWe are delighted to partner with ACCA and HILTI in this first presentation and workshop on Business Ethics

Every day, managers and employees need to make decisions that have moral implications. These decisions impact their companies, company shareholders, and all the other stakeholders in interest. 
Join an interactive workshop on Ethics with ACCA, learn more about ethical behaviour in business and find out what ethical issues today ́s business leaders are facing,

Workshop topics

  • HILTI and Business Ethics - Effectively integrating ethical principles into business
    Speaker: Josef Zeidler, General Director of Hilti Czech & Slovak Republics
  • Ethical foundations and principles according to ACCA
    Speaker: Bruce Gahir, Associate Head of the School of Business, Prague College and Member of the ACCA Global Forum on Ethics 

  • Practical experience of ethics and ethical behaviour in a company.
    Presenters: Eva Kovářová and David Kopecký, ACCA Czech Republic

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