12 Oct 2016

Creative Niches - Current challenges in the creative start-up Jewellery Businesses in the Czech Republic

The main challenges of current micro creative jewellery companies are connected to low profitability, guided by lack of  knowledge in business ...

12 Oct 2016

Entrepreneur's Journey: keeping momentum and staying successful over the long run

Research activities performed by Prague College students can serve as exploratory tools to develop practical aspects of developing businesses in ...

21 Sep 2016

Old school is good school - The risks and side-effects of the use of computers in the classroom


Particular attention has to be paid on use of technology in the classroom environment as it often leads to cognitive losses involved into computer ...

21 Sep 2016

Different Types of Leverage, Regulation, and Systemic Risk

Despite the increasing regulation systemic risk will not decrease unless on and off balance sheet activities are suitably addressed.

15 Sep 2016

Accounting Standards and Culture

Accounting and its regulative frameworks require as broad a perspective and as suitable a contextualization as other areas of business studies.


15 Sep 2016

Challenges of working in Multicultural Teams

Cultural differences are crucial for managing work groups. This seminar focused on potential challenges of working in multicultural teams and how ...

15 Sep 2016

Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets

CAPM is one of the most acknowledged and widely used models for equity cost estimation. However, measuring the cost of equity in the emerging ...

18 Aug 2016

About CRIS

Year round, we engage in a wide variety of projects, including workshops, seminars and conferences. Many of our lecturers are active in research, ...