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Prague College Blog

Six Prague College students and one lecturer from the School of Art and Design presented their personal work this October in the 23rd International Festival of Contemporary Art 4+4 Days in Motion.

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Pokoje 2018

By Miriam Fogler • November 19, 2018

For Pokeje Prague College Students ( Alexandre Andrada, Shraddha Bansode, Oliver van den Brandt, Lamijla Čehajić, William Holm, Liaman Khankishiyeva, Cristina Maldonado, Anna Naumova, Chris Owens) created an installation called "Cellular Senses".

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Pablo Garduno reports on Lunchmeat Festival, an audiovisual experimental event that took place in the basement of the Veletržní palác, part of the National Gallery in Prague

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Parsing the Arbitrary

By Lucia Ott • June 29, 2018

Five students of the MA Fine Art and six students of the MA Future Design programme displayed their results of the last two years

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Lucia Ott reviews the work in this year's 2nd year HND Graphic Design exhibition

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Viva Venezia

By Paul DeLave • May 21, 2018

In late October of last semester, a group of ten Prague College School of Art and Design Students and four instructors (Paul DeLave, George Allen, Franco Huller and Sean McAlorum) made an amazing trip to the 57th annual Art Biennale in Venice, Italy.

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Speculative Design

By Lucia Ott • April 16, 2018

Speculative design is unusual in that the discipline is not based on creating functional solutions for the present user, but rather on thinking through different scenarios of what our world could look like.

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"Paper Made" Workshop

By Lucia Ott • April 4, 2018

The students could experiment and find a playful way to create attractive shapes that could be combined into interesting paper sculptures.

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Planning the Final Show

By Lucia Ott • March 22, 2018

The BA Students of Prague College’s School of Art and Design are currently in the middle of their Final Projects. The young artists and designers have the opportunity to work on a project that reflects a very personal understanding of their work.

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Creative Coffee Culture

By Lucia Ott • February 26, 2018

Sometimes a creative head can’t work without coffee. Whether you're a student or teacher at Prague College, coffee is a common start to the new day. But besides the habitual morning coffee, spending a day in a café can be a wonderful part of a creative process.

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