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Teaching and Learning at Prague College

Your experience at university is defined by what happens in the classroom, your engagement with lecturers and fellow students, and the interaction we mediate with experts from the wider world of work in your field of study. Here are some of the most frequent questions we are asked about what it is like to study at Prague College.

How big are your classes?

We keep our class sizes small, with an average of 12 students in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Computing; and 18 in International Management, Accounting and Creative Media Production. This allows you to engage directly with our experienced international lecturers, and to go further than you could in other universities.

What makes Prague College special?

All our lecturers take an interactive approach to teaching that focuses on the individual student’s needs. This approach to teaching and learning creates a challenging but caring environment that allows students to explore, create, and test themselves and their ideas in a safe place.

Throughout your studies you develop great knowledge and acquire a wide range of skills.

What do current students think about academic life at Prague College?

These are just a few of the quotes from our latest Student Satisfaction Survey (2019) showing appreciation for the special environment we have created together with our students over the years:


Creative and critical thinking is inspired by the college, as well as innovation and leadership, which are core essentials in the world today.

quote-marks.pngAt Prague College I have learned that it is valuable to learn and enjoy every moment of the time you spend in class. The way the classes are conducted is more practical than theoretical, and the fact that teachers are professionals from the field gives Prague College an edge over other universities.

quote-marks.pngI appreciate the friendly atmosphere and support that we get here. I also appreciate the individual approach to students, that they can choose their pathway according to skills and interest. The small class sizes are great, as it is generally easier to focus and get back feedback from the lecturer.

quote-marks.pngI have matured as a person in the academic field. I have learned to understand that studying isn't all about memorizing and exams, but that it leads to creativity and critical thinking. Overall I am happy that I enjoy what I'm learning.

quote-marks.pngPrague College has helped me a lot with appreciating feedback from any kind of source, be it a peer or lecturer or even someone with no design skills.


What about preparing me for the world of work or further study?

In addition to lectures, our students also work directly with real companies and employers. In this way, they get to experience first-hand the challenges of the workplace and gain real experience while studying. This approach has been crucial to the success of our graduates.

This is Peter Virsik, managing director of adidas CEE:

quote-marks.pngOur partnership with Prague College allows us to work with an incredibly diverse multi-cultural set of students. It allows us to have an open and honest dialogue inside and outside the classroom through lectures and special events. In this way, students learn from our senior management, but equally, it allows us to learn from them... Today’s generation is innovative, creative and has a sense of social responsibility. They drive change and have enabled us to become one of Europe’s most desirable employers.

Vít Horký, founder of international social media company, Brand Embassy, knows how important that is:

quote-marks.pngAs an alumnus of Prague College’s International Management programme, I know — having employed three of them — that I can trust graduates from one of the best universities in the CEE region.

The reason we are told that employers trust Prague College graduates is that they come with a real set of skills, experience of the workplace and the knowledge to accomplish the tasks and goals of the organisation. This all gives them a distinct edge when applying for jobs or entering a new career.

If you wish to experience working closely and learning directly with your lecturers and classmates then Prague College is the right place for you.