About CRIS

The Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies (CRIS) promotes and develops the common research and development needs of the college. The empirical material for the research projects are based on on-going creative, entrepreneurial and enterprise projects involving various academic and business communities. Our research activities are tied closely to the learning experience of the students and aims at investigating and describing areas of knowledge that are important for the academic development of the college, as well as for the local and international community at large.

The main aims of centre are to:

  • Promote an environment that motivates academic research.
  • Participate in developing seminars and presentations in relevant multidisciplinary fields at national and international conferences.
  • Organise our keynote annual conferences and the regular Master Speaker Series.
  • Encourage students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to publish and present their work.
  • Publish relevant research in the form of a regular bulletin.

The CRIS Bulletin has been particularly successful, attracting outstanding contributions from our students and lecturers, alongside researchers and academics from around the world. The bulletin is produced by Prague College and published by de Gruyter academic publishers on the Versita imprint.