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CRIS Bulletin

The CRIS Bulletin is published twice or three times each year to showcase research and scholarship undertaken by Prague College students, faculty and exceptional guests.

The Bulletin offers the opportunity of publication to researchers (both new and experienced) across a range of academic fields, in particular:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Computing, Communications and Information Technology
  • Art and Graphic Design
  • Business/Management science with particular attention to the areas of International Finance, Managing Accounting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Econophysics, Managing People in Organisations, Strategic Management, and Business Ethics.

The CRIS Bulletin is produced by Prague College and published by De Gruyter under the Versita academic publishers imprint. It is available in university and scientific libraries around the Czech Republic, as well as online at De Gruyter. The CRIS Bulletin is also indexed in the prestigious economics database EconPapers .





Two to three times per year

Available on: 

Versita - De Gruyter PublishersRePEc - EconPapers