College-wide Projects

The college organizes academic conferences, workshops and seminars for students, staff, lecturers and the public. Activities are coordinated with the three schools of Business, Art & Design and Media & IT, with the aim of encouraging cooperation across various academic fields and disciplines.
Current Projects & Initiatives:

Living Futures (2018 - present)

Living Futures is a long-term initiative which aims to stimulate awareness of the most important challenges affecting humanity, and our personal roles in shaping the societies of the future. Annual themes, like 2018's #notimetowaste, allow us to focus on particular aspects, and think about how to overcome some of these critical challenges together. The annual theme for 2019/2020: Facing Change, is expanding on this as we consider not just environmental challenges, but also political, social and others which impact our long-term well-being. The Prague College community engages with the annual theme each year through projects, events, conferences and more.

Master Speaker Series (MSS)

Prague College hosts a regular interdisciplinary lecture series that brings together the interests of all our specific subject areas in the context of wide-ranging and broad academic enquiry. The Master Speaker Series is a regular event featuring outstanding individuals from the fields of business, technology, design, culture and politics from all over the world.

Visiting Artist & Lecture Series (VALS)

Since 2010, we have had a vibrant programme with many speakers coming to visit us throughout the academic year. VALS is a place where artists, designers, philosophers, curators, exhibition project managers and gallery directors, and art historians converge.  Our speakers' interests range across the entire spectrum of art and design; and each has made a unique contribution to his or her field. All students of the School of Art & Design are encouraged to attend, and the programme is also open to the general public.

Exhibitions & Performances

For students at all levels — Foundation, BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media / Graphic Design / Creative Media Production, and MA Fine Art / Future Design — the end of the spring semester presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work in a public setting. Students participate in the organization with the help of lecturers and Prague College financial support; and all exhibitions are open to family and friends as well as the general public.

Past Projects & Initiatives:

Shared Values Conference (2014)

The main objective of this event was to make connections between  different areas of business, and to brainstorm ideas for further development across industries, from both a practical and academic perspective. Examples were the classic dichotomy between shareholders’ and stakeholders’ views of a corporation as well as the idea of sustainability.

Differing Accents Conference (2012)

The international typographic and lettering conference Differing Accents (2012) brought together practitioners, academic and students to examine the history and trends of letterforms in Central and Western Europe.

Secret of Ciphers (2011)

This international conference on Cryptography and Intelligence explored the historical and contemporary context of cryptology and intelligence from the Second World War to the present day. It brought together leading people in diverse fields from all over Europe, opening to the public domain the hidden world of cryptography and intelligence.

Underground City XXI (2011)

Underground City XXI is a Europe-wide project aimed at transforming the heritage of a former Croatian coal mine into an avant-garde cultural and art project with a strong economic and social impact