Senior Management Executive (SME)

The SME is led by the Director, who is the executive officer of Prague College and responsible for developing and implementing the strategic plan. The Deputy Director (Academics) has executive authority backing up the Director and is responsible for maintaining and developing the academic activities at Prague College.

The SME is responsible for oversight of academic initiatives, budgets, external relations & communications, priority & critical decisions, and development projects.

In addition, Academic Services is an independent unit that reports directly to the SME. Academic Services maintains the register of all approved statutes, policies and documents of Prague College.

The SME currently has two members, a Director and a Deputy Director.

Senior Management Group (SMG)

The SMG is a formal body whose recommendations are enacted by the executive officer of Prague College (Director) and the SME. Institutional policy is formalized by the SMG.

The SMG is comprised of the Director and Deputy Director (Academics) and the Heads of the key academic schools and units. The SMG Executive Coordinator is in charge the agenda.

The SMG is responsible to consider long-term strategy, as well as respond to immediate concerns. It represents the following constituencies:

Executive, Academics, Finance, Operations & Administration, Information Technology, Strategic Communication, School of Business, School of Art & Design, School of Computing, Research Centre, Student Experience, Alumni & Engagement.

The SMG creates teams that consider strategic planning, advancement, external relationships, development (estate & resource), and the quality & performance of the institution. Specialist guests are invited to teams as needed to ensure that the SMG acts with full knowledge and advice.

The SMG currently has five members: the Director, Deputy Director, Head of the School of Business & Research Centre, the Head of Computing, and the Head of the School of Art & Design.

Senior Management Boards (SMB) 

When Prague College is required to set new policies or respond to any issues, a SMB is constituted, comprised of available SMG members and invited guests.

Examples of SMB activities include the scholarship boards, disciplinary boards, and ad hoc boards making public statements and resolving complaints.

SMB decisions are implemented by the Director and become college policy.