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Veronika Douchova

veronika-douchova-1Veronika Douchova is Head of the School of Media & IT. Her main interest is mathematics and its application in both IT and business.

She teaches a range of modules that focus on mathematics and database design for technically-oriented classes and professional development for soft-skill-oriented classes. In 2009, Veronika became a principal lecturer in the School of IT and Computing, and in 2011 she was the recipient of the Prague College “Excellence in Teaching” award.

Veronika studied Mathematics and Geometry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and Logic at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, both at Charles University. After gaining her MSc. in Mathematics, she continued in graduate studies in Applied Mathematics. Currently, she is finishing her PhD in Cognitive Science under the supervision of Prof. Jaroslav Nesetril. Her academic and research specializations in applied mathematics cover logic, mathematical structures and image processing. She is proud to have an Erdos number of 2.

Veronika has more than fifteen years' teaching experience. She previously taught at the Czech Technical University (Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Architects), in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Informatics) and in the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (Logic). For several years, Veronika also worked as a freelance translator specializing in technical documentation offering full DTP services.

Veronika says: "I much prefer the environment of an international college, where students are considered partners in learning."


  • 2012 main researcher for the Inner grant no. VG016 of Fac. of Arts, Charles University “Modal logic modification for the study of aesthetic invariants”
  • 2012 a member of research team on CORES grant no. ERC-CZ 1201 “Complex Structures: Regularity in Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics”
  • 2011, 2012 guest speaker at the Logic Workshop, Charles University
  • 2003–2005 Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, grant LN00A056, member of the research team
  • 2003, 2004 Spring school of Combinatorics, KAM Charles University in Prague
  • 2003 Autumn school of Logic, Mathematical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague
  • 2001–2002 Grant FRVŠ F1 2066 (E-learning for mathematics and geometry for undergraduate students)


  • “S.Zeki and Neuroaesthetics: A possible framework to objectify aesthetics” joint with J.Nesetril In: Miscellanea Logica, 2012
  • “Equivalence in aesthetics” In: Prague College Research Center Bulletin, issue II
  • “Fragment of aesthetic processing” joint with J.Nesetril In: Proceedings of Contributed Papers: Part I – Mathematics and Computer Science, pp. 7–10, Matfyzpress, 2009
  • “Refining Procedure for a Triangular Grid on a Sphere” In: Proceedings of the International Conference Mathematical and Computer Modelling in Science and Engineering, pp. 101–103, Prague, 2003
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  • “Spherical triangle trisection” In: Mathematics in Engineering, pp. 60–65, Hejnice, 2002, ISBN 80-7015-864-6.


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