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Tuck MacRae

tuck_photo_0.jpgTuck started his career as a process engineer in the telecommunication industry. After a number of years designing production systems he moved into military and space technologies, with roles ranging from materials and manufacturing manager to senior vice-president. 

Tuck has also served as an advisor and consultant to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) helping set the ground work for initiatives such as NATO channel TV, the NATO Executive Development Programme, as well as authoring the foundation documents for the NATO Ethics Policy and the NATO Code of Conduct.

Aside from Tuck’s extensive experience working with large and medium sized organizations such as Boeing, Grumman, Sikorsky, Marconi, Canadian Astronautics, and the Canadian Government, he has also been instrumental in establishing a number of successful small businesses. Capitalizing on his background, Tuck works with young entrepreneurs to write business plans, develop funding proposals, design end-to-end business processes, and to move new companies from the chaotic entrepreneurial stage into a more process controlled growth phase.

His passion for mentoring and educating future industry leaders has led Tuck to take on an ever more increasing role in the area of academia. Starting as a subject matter expert / guest speaker in strategic and human resource management in 1998 at the University of Ottawa in Canada, Tuck’s reputation and background has allowed him to become a recognized associate professor delivering a variety of industry relevant courses in strategy, project, and human resource management at universities across Europe.

Tuck still acts a consultant with large organizations on request, but allocates the majority of his time to teaching and addressing the developmental needs of small and medium sized companies. He has a keen passion for life and for helping others succeed in their life journey.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Business


MBA, University of Ottawa