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Dominik Teiml

dominik-teiml.jpgDominik Teiml was born in Prague and grew up as an expat in Moscow, before returning to Prague for high school. He studied for his Bachelor's degree in Maths & Computer Science at Merton College, Oxford.
Dominik has taught on a number of courses in the USA at Berkeley, Dallas and Cornell University in New York. He also worked as Head of Growth for an early stage start-up Sportmate in London. He is now in Prague applying what he learned in London to his own business.
Inspired by his studies in Oxford, Dom has recently founded an international tutorial college in Prague for elite IB students, called Oxbridge Science College. Apart from individual tutoring, OxSC provides online tutoring to Asia and international revision courses in Prague.
Dominik's personal interests include solving mathematical and other problems. He also enjoys playing Guitar Hero, soccer, and spending an unnecessarily long time on Indian beaches.


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Merton College, Oxford