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Anastazie Sedlakova

sedlakovaAnastazie Sedlakova is a data scientist with a background in forensic genetics. Her main focus in teaching is helping students to switch their mindset to 'analytical mode'.

Anastazie holds a PhD in forensic genetics with a focus on applying Bayesian statistics to evaluate information from forensic evidence. She later moved to the field of bioinformatics, focusing on DNA analysis. Currently, she works as a data scientist with financial data, using mainly Python and JavaScript.

She is convinced that learning computational thinking is the best investment for those wishing to become programmers. Her passion is to change students' minds in order to learn programming more easily.

In her free time, Anastazie likes to do yoga, meditate, bake, and play puzzlehunt games.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Media & IT


PhD, Charles University
MSc, Charles University

Professional Background

Data Scientist, Twisto
Data Analyst, Quantlane
Lecturer, Charles University
Bioinformatician, HPST, Prague