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Ryan Cole

ryan-cole.jpgRyan Cole teaches design applications and web design at Prague College.

After school he decided to take a break from the cultural monolith of the American dream to pursue some work experience in Amsterdam. While in Holland he worked for two companies and learned how to swim in the design world. After two and a half years in The Netherlands he once again uprooted himself - this time to Prague. He now runs with his wife their own graphic design studio, Ask Designers, and works with Prague College as our Digital Services coordinator.

Ryan was born and raised in a small town in North Texas. His weekends were filled with tree houses, cows and B-B guns. After realizing that he would have to make something of himself he decided to attend the University of North Texas, where he was surrounded by music and art students. He also fell in love with design. He realized that his whole life had basically been spent designing things, yet he never knew what it was called.This preternatural obsession for creative action assured that he would do well in design school, and soon he acquired his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Art & Design


BFA, University of North Texas


Ask Designers