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Alexandr Panek

panek.jpgAlexandr studied on the BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media programme, graduating with a very good upper second and subsequently starting a digital interactive agency called 370 CUBE.

Alexandr started the company with one of his closest friends, providing expertise in mobile and in-store technologies for international clients, mostly based in the US. His position in the company is Chief Creative Officer.

"I chose to study at Prague College because I wanted to study in English, and learn by discussion rather than by memorizing paragraphs of useless text; and also because I was very dissatisfied with the Czech educational system. Thanks to Prague College I've realized that I don't want to be an artist creating shady installations and art pieces (which had been my dream) but rather, focus on business-oriented projects that make sense and are worth doing.

My greatest memory of life at Prague College would have to be the preparation of the Final Show of our class in the old post office building at KC Vltavska, which had a limited supply of electricity, no lights and dust everywhere."

In future, Alexandr hopes to lead one of the most highly-sought companies for custom mobile development and mobile interactive publishing platforms in the US. "I will always do my best to provide that extra 10° to my clients," he says.


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BA (Hons), Teesside University