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Marie Silondi

marie_silondi.jpgMarie Silondi works as a Student Services specialist at Prague College, whilst also teaching at undergraduate level in the School of Business. Marie brings a wealth of experience to her work, having formerly managed the Interactive Media programme within the college's School of Art & Design. Since 2007 she has been involved in several projects, including - in cooperation with Pascal Silondi - the development of a series of in-situ collaborative workshops at Prague College named Meta.IDs – Interactive Digital Storytelling.

Since 2004, both individually and as project manager and artist at LIBAT (a French centre for new and emerging technologies) Marie has contributed to a variety of international cultural projects such as Underground City XXI; Underground Landscape; Polibek, Udoli, Minutky, Perpetuum Museum; and Pure Love and Pure Design. 

Outside her work at Prague College, Marie is currently engaged in research on bridging creativity and business, focusing on the jewellery market in the Czech Republic. 

Marie studied at the Department of Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy & Arts, Charles University. In 2015, Marie gained her MSc in International Management from Teesside University.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Business


MSc, Teesside University