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Alina Kotova

alina.jpgAlina Kotova ia a graphic designer with Brash Brands, an international branding and consulting agency, and is based at their Dubai headquarters.

She graduated from Prague College with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design

"I always wanted to study in Europe, I chose Prague because I knew it was an attractive city with a great history, culture, and educational opportunities," she says. "Once there I came to learn about Prague College. I saw that it was well established and well regarded, offering an exciting programme in graphic design. I also wanted to study in English alongside international students with diverse backgrounds."

"Prague College is an amazing place to be at and has got loads of people that one can learn from. It helped me build my confidence and vision, and by the end of the second year I was clear on what my career objectives would be. The teaching staff were very supportive and encouraging throughout my studies and guided me towards achieving my goals."

"I made some great friends along the way and it was always great fun to work alongside them and share ideas and ambitions. My personal growth didn’t come only from my own studies but from the group of talented people surrounding me. Working daily with aspiring minds helped me reach high standards and always inspired me."

Alena's aspiration is to continue to learn from the best in the industry. She sees herself working for big places around the globe, getting experience and exposure. But one day, hopefully living in London, having her own small studio with an exciting selection of clients.



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BA (Hons), Teesside University