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Denisa Kera

Denisa-kera2.jpgDenisa Kera is a philosopher and designer working on design supporting open and citizen science projects around the world. She experiments with various creative strategies of public engagement in science by using blockchain platforms, open science hardware, Tarot cards, consumer genomics and food.
Denisa has been recognized for her ethnographic work on the hackerspaces and makerspaces in EU and Asia region, which she discusses as a revival of tinkering culture of the 16. century mechanical arts and alchemy.

She is part of GOSH (Gathering for Open Science Hardware) and Hackteria networks of artists, designers and scientists who support science in the Global South. She spent the last decade as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore and most recently as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Arizona State University, where she is still an affiliate member with the Centre for the Study of the Future.

An associate lecturer at Prague College School of Art and Design she is teaching modules of Creative Interaction and Design Innovation.


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