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Jan Drnek

jwd_portrait.jpgJan William Drnek is an Associate Lecturer at Prague College's School of Art & Design. In 1991, Jan founded the HSW signal company, which with time became one of the leading firms in the signmaking business in the Czech Republic.

Shortly thereafter, he returned to photography, his life-long hobby, with the intention to meet the challenge of producing high quality photos that were in great demand by printers specializing in large format reproductions. He became a colour management specialist and large format printing expert at the same time.

Within a short time Jan won the praise of professionals in the Czech Republic and was granted membership of the Czech Association of Professional Photographers. For him, concise processing sequences and making the appropriate choice of large format printing techniques can reveal new dimensions, capturing that magical moment, or the spirit of a place.

His work has been exhibited on regular occasions since 2005. A large collection of panoramic pictures of wilderness, animals and local inhabitants was shown at an exhibit entitled WILDa AMERICA and WILDa AFRICA that took place in Prague in 2009. In the summer of 2010 he also presented a series of large format prints in the framework of a group project called “Talking Glass”, bringing together Czech architect and glass designer Borek Sipek, and Ondrej Smeykal, a Czech didgeridoo player.

Jan also cooperates with Hewlett Packard, testing new printers and creating samplers. The company exhibited his high resolution and large format prints as a part of their newly-opened demo centre in Prague. He maintains working relations with X-Rite, Onyx Graphics and EIZO.

His photographs have been published in adventure and travel magazines, as well as in specialized photo periodicals and books. Further, he has published several articles on colour management, presenting specialized lectures and organizing expert workshops.

Jan holds an MSc in Technical Cybernetics from the Czech Technical University.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Art & Design


MSc, Czech Technical University


Jan William Drnek