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Helena Jakoube

Helena.jpgCurrently a Design Consultant at Prague branding company Hrivnak, Helena graduated from the BA (Hons) programme in Graphic Design.She chose Prague College for its multicultural environment, British educational system, the small number of people per class, its individual approach to students, and real-world client-oriented projects.

"Prague College helped me to become a more self-confident graphic designer, to find what areas of design I would like to focus on in the future, and to understand design from different points of view. Prague College also encouraged me to continue research and experimentation in various design areas, and made me understand that the production of high quality and functional design requires a lifetime of learning."

Helena has many great memories, including the Differing Accents conference and winning a YCN Student Award. these were the highlights, but also, she says, meeting many interesting people who became friends, and discussing design with people who have a deep understanding of it.

Her ambitions for the future? "Continuously educating myself (especially in graphic design), improve my design and consultation skills, publishing lots of interesting books, and if possible helping society through graphic design. All of that and - of course - relocating closer to the beach!"


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Art & Design


BA (Hons), Teesside University