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Douglas Hajek

douglas-hajek-2Originally from Edmonton in Canada, Douglas Hajek completed secondary school in Italy and, after working in Canada and Japan, settled in Prague in 1990.

Doug holds an MBA in Higher Education Management from the Institute of Education, University of London (United Kingdom), and his undergraduate degree is a Joint Honours BA in History and Philosophy from McGill University in Montreal (Canada). Doug also attended the United World College of the Adriatic in Duino (Italy), where he completed his International Baccalaureate. 

"I am committed to the idea that higher education should be a dialogue and conversation, a journey of discovery undertaken by lecturers and students together. The opportunity to experience university should be available throughout one's life course, and at its best, higher education can be a wonderful and transformative experience."

Prague College was founded with the goal of creating an institution that promotes and enables these ideals, and Doug was responsible for Prague College's initial vision to develop a learning environment for three separate but related disciplines: business, art & design and computing.

As Director and executive officer for Prague College, Doug's responsibilities include:

  • ensuring Prague College's national and international academic engagement
  • developing the institution as a collegially-managed educational organization
  • encouraging academic ambition throughout the organization
  • maintaining financial and institutional sustainability 

Douglas holds primary responsibility for the strategic development of the college, and for the accreditation and development of our programmes with Teesside University and Pearson BTEC (Edexcel). Doug also leads relations with the Czech Ministry of Education and partner universities, companies and other organisations around the world.

Douglas Hajek has been working in international education for almost 30 years, first teaching in Japan and then Prague. He began managing education in 1991, when he founded a corporate training organization that provided up to one thousand professional education programmes annually for more than twelve years. At Prague College, Douglas has taught business management, administration and information systems. 

Other professional activities during his career include magazine and book publishing, design and art catalogue publishing, as well as cultural management. In this regard, he was co-founder and publisher of Yazzyk Magazine, the first literary and art magazine published in English in Prague after 1989 (link), as well as producer for the artist at the Czech Pavillion of the 48th Venice Biennale in 1999 and at dozens of exhibitions around the world.

Douglas is interested in all aspects of transnational education, and especially new developments in national and international systems of quality assurance and enhancement. Recent presentations and reports include:

  • "Issues in Quality Assurance in Transnational Education: Examples from the Czech Republic", Konference Hodnoceni kvality vysokych skol, 12. seminar: Cesty k diverzifikaci vysokeho skolstvi, Masaryk University, Univerzitni centrum Telc, Czech Republic, 2011 (link)
  • "Transnational Higher Education in the Czech Republic: Threat or Opportunity?", Report for the Director of the Centre for Higher Education Studies - Centrum pro studium vysokeho skolstvi v.v.i., Prague, Czech Republic, 2010 
  • "Central European Higher Education: the context and idea of community colleges in Europe", Context of Culture - Central Europe in Transition, Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, Maricopa Community Colleges, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2010 (link)




Faculty or Department

School of Business


MBA, Institute of Education, University of London
BA (Joint Honours), McGill University, Montreal
International Baccalaureate, UWC Adriatic, Italy