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Dita Malečková

dita-maleckovaMgr. Dita Malečková, Ph.D., studied Philosophy and Information Science at Charles University of Prague.

For more than ten years she worked as a lecturer and researcher at the New Media Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, where she lectured on contemporary philosophy, visual culture, art and the new media. She also teaches at the Centre of audiovisual studies of FAMU.

From 2019 she and her team work on the projects using neural networks (see projects Digital Philosopher (Idea of the Year, AI Awards 2019), or Digital Writer (processed as a serie for the Czech Radio, 2020).

She is interested in media theory, artificial intelligence with special regards to the imagination in the context of media and technology, artistic experimentations and philosophical consequences including ethical issues of AI. 


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Art & Design


Ph.D., Information Science, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Mgr., Philosophy; Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Bc., Humanities, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University