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David Wadmore

wadmore.jpgDavid Wadmore is a visiting Senior Lecturer in publishing design, and runs workshops in typography and design direction. With over 30 years' experience in art direction of magazines and newspapers, David now runs his own consultancy, newsdesign.co.uk, working with national papers in the UK and Africa. Complementing his creative skills is a detailed understanding of print and online production processes. When not in Prague he is working with News International on developing a cross-platform editorial system.

He was Group Design Director for the Telegraph Media Group and spent many years as associate Head of Design at the Times in London, where he was the lead designer in the paper’s switch from Broadsheet to Compact. He has art-directed at The European, the London Daily News and the Observer magazine and been involved in more consumer magazine launches than he can remember! He studied at Ravensbourne College and West Sussex College of Design, where he majored in Typography and Advertising Design.

His roots are in hot metal production, and he delights in sharing his passion for good typography and using the latest technology to foster an open, inventive approach to visual journalism.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Art & Design


BA, West Sussex College of Design