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Christophe Saidi

kristoff-6.jpgChristophe teaches in the School of Art & Design and School of Media & IT, specializing in several modules related to audio-visual techniques, and video post-production and editing.

He attended the Fine Art Academy of Marseille, from where he graduated in 2005 with a Masters degree and the congratulations of the jury. After the creation of a number of films, video installations and participation in exhibitions, the French electronic artist Dominik Barbier offered Christophe the chance to work with him in his professional editing studio, Fearless, in Marseille. His role was as editor and artistic adviser.

He has been working in Prague since April 2006 with CIANT (Center for International Arts and New Technologies), as a cameraman and video editor.


Principal Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Art & Design


MFA, Fine Art Academy of Marseille