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Cazim Dervisevic

cazim_photo-5-1.jpgCazim Dervisevic is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian documentary filmmaker/videographer and journalist with over 17 years' experience in media and film.

His professional career began in 1996 at United Nations Radio in Sarajevo as a radio producer. Cazim started making documentary films in 2003 after establishing a video production company in BiH with two friends and colleagues.

He has worked on a number of documentary films and TV programmes, as well as short fiction films, promotional films, reportage and advertisements in the capacity of director, journalist, cameraman and/or video editor. Cazim also worked as executive producer on two short fiction films. Several projects on which he worked have received international awards. 

In 2010 Cazim moved to Prague but remained professionally engaged in Bosnia on a freelance basis. In 2013 he established a video production company in the Czech Republic.


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