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Alice Buehler

alice-buehler-1Alice originally joined Prague College to help co-ordinate the 2014 'Shared Values' conference. She now works in Student Services.

Originally from Silesia, her higher education was dominated by lessons in the transformation of society following the fall of the totalitarian regime, and English language theatre. Alice graduated from the Prague School of Economics (VSE) with a Master's in Knowledge Engineering and a minor in Business Psychology and Sociology; and she also completed a Master's in General Anthropology at Charles University.

Her professional career includes work as Creative Director for a training company, where she introduced the art and science of advertising, marketing and creativity to the Czech professional environment. She later worked as a researcher, trainer and project leader for a number of projects on inter-ethnic conflict resolution and community building.

She is trained in mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution as well as in a number of mindfulness and contemplative practices, including Mindfulness in Schools, and has worked on a curriculum for young students. At Prague College she is the head of the Sustainability Platform and she has led the 2018-2019 annual theme at Prague College #NoTimeToWaste. 

The mother of two children, she has started various volunteering initiatives and support groups for like-minded parents, and she appreciates anything where long-term vision meets everyday joyful, kind, brave and wise interactions among people.


Student Services

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Student Services


MSc, Prague School of Economics
MA, Charles University