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Leah Adler

adler_leah-1Leah is originally from the USA where she graduated magna cum laude from Ripon College, Wisconsin, double-majoring in History and English literature. Leah lectures in the School of Media & IT and School of Business.

Having taught in a wide variety of educational environments -  including a non-profit community-based literacy council, writing centres, private and public ESL schools, and universities - Leah continues to instruct and guide international students at Prague College.

As an undergraduate, she was awarded a number of academic honours, including the Pro-College Research Grant for history (2002) and the Pierre Guiet Prize in English (2003). Leah earned her ESL Teaching Certificate and Master of Arts degree in Applied English Linguistics (magna cum laude) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which was an ideal environment for exploring and researching language acquisition and international education in both the theoretical and applicable spheres.

From an early age Leah has been interested in cross-cultural communication, and Prague College is the perfect place for Leah to combine her passion of English instruction and cross-cultural learning. She first visited the Czech Republic in 1994 and (as an American Field Service Student) in 1995. Her areas of academic interest are: second language acquisition, social organisations and the study of language, variations in world Englishes, discourse analysis with an emphasis on classroom discourse and the intersection of language, ethnicity, and education.


Associate Lecturer

Faculty or Department

School of Media & IT


MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA, Ripon College