Our People

Prague College is full of people who are passionate about what they do. Students, lecturers, administrators, our senior managers and founders are proud of the institution that has been built since 2004 through careful attention to quality of teaching and learning, and dedication to working hard to achieve excellent results.

Sandra Abdulhaková

Associate Lecturer
Sandra is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on collaborative projects in the scope of branding, art direction, creating sustainable brand visuals and devising comprehensive production plans.

Leah Adler

Associate Lecturer

Leah is originally from the USA where she graduated magna cum laude from Ripon College, Wisconsin, double-majoring in History and English literature. Leah lectures in the School of Media & IT and School of Business.

George Allen

Head of School

A member of the Senior Management Group since 2010, George brings his experience as a professional photographer and educator to his role as Head of the School of Art and Design.

Ronald Barnett

Board Member

Professor Ronald Barnett is Emeritus Professor of Higher Education at the Institute of Education in London, where he was both Dean of Professional Development and subsequently Pro-Director for Longer Term Strategy.

Mohamed Bettaz

Programme Leader

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Bettaz, CSc isProgramme Leader for BSc (Hons) Computing.

Dagmar Blahova

Associate Lecturer

Dagmar Bláhová is an internationally regarded actress who was born in Czechoslovakia and has a Master of Arts degree from DAMU.

Jeff Buehler

Deputy Director, Head of Academic Services

Jeffrey Buehler joined Prague College at its very beginning and was instrumental in each of the phases that have marked its development since 2004.

Alice Buehler

Student Services

Alice originally joined Prague College to help co-ordinate the 2014 'Shared Values' conference. She now works in Student Services.

Michaela Büsse

Associate Lecturer

Michaela Büsse is a design researcher with an interdisciplinary background in media, design and urban studies. She works as an innovation consultant and lecturer for critical and creative thinking.

Robert Carrithers

Associate Lecturer

Robert Carrithers combines English language teaching skills with his creative talents and personal experience of the creative scenes in New York, Berlin and Prague, through writing, film and photography.

Stefano Cavagnetto

Head of School

Head of the School of Business and the MSc programme in International Management, Stefano also pursues his own professional and educational interests in mathematics, ethics, behavioural finance and business management.

Viktor Cerny

Associate Lecturer

Viktor Cerny graduated with a Master's degree from CVUT (the Czech Technical University).

Aleksandra Chagina

Associate Lecturer

Sasha Chagina is an illustrator and teacher combing principles of the classical foundation of Art and experiments with materials, techniques, ideas, and approaches in her work.


Anetta Mona Chişa

Associate Lecturer

Anetta Mona Chişa is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Art and Design. She is a visual artist, working at and with the limits of sculpture.

Paul DeLave

Principal Lecturer

Paul lectures in design history and ideas generation at Prague College. He is a registered architect with experience of a large variety of projects including new construction, historic preservation and large-scale site planning.

Marie Doucet

Associate Lecturer

Marie Doucet is a French product and environment designer based in Prague.

Veronika Douchova

Head of School

Veronika Douchova is Head of the School of Media & IT. Her main interest is mathematics and its application in both IT and business.

Thomas Draper

Principal Lecturer

Thomas Draper is an Associate Lecturer at Prague College School of Business. He has a wealth of teaching experience both in the UK in various schools and colleges, and in Prague.

Rafael Echavarria

Associate Lecturer

Rafael Echavarria is an Associate Lecturer at Prague College School of Business. He has experience in the areas of advertising, marketing and international business and has worked at Ernst & Young as a senior interactive designer and creator for the marketing department.

Natasha Exton

Head of Admissions
Originally from Chester in the North-West of England, Natasha is our Head of Admissions.

Palo Fabus

Associate Lecturer

Palo Fabus is a critic and theorist. 

He received Bc in applied informatics from the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, and MA from the Department of Media Studies and Journalism FSS MU Brno.

Rachel Forsyth

Board Member

Dr Rachel Forsyth is Principal Lecturer in Curriculum Development and Innovation at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and co-author of Identity Crisis: Working in HE in the 21st Century.

David Friday

Associate Lecturer

David Friday is a Prague-based writer and teacher. He hails from northern Ontario and holds a B.Sc. from University of Toronto and an MBA from Queen's University.

Ondřej Fučík

Programme Leader

Ondřej is Programme Leader for BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. 

Bruce Gahir

Associate Head of School

As Associate Head of the School of Business, Bruce leads the degree programme in International Finance and Business Accounting.

Dave Gannon

Associate Head of School

Dave is Associate Head of the Business School, with responsibility for the BA (Hons) International Management and BA (Hons) International Finance and Business Accounting programmes.

Piercarlo Grimaldi

Board Member

Professor Piercarlo Grimaldi is the founding Dean (Rector), President of the Faculty Council (Academic Senate) and full professor at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy.

Jakub Grosz

Associate Lecturer

Jakub Grosz is a Czech multimedia artist primarily concerned with light behaviour in interactive systems, video, and scanography.

Douglas Hajek


Originally from Edmonton in Canada, Douglas Hajek completed secondary school in Italy and, after working in Canada and Japan, settled in Prague in 1990.

Lenka Hamosova

Associate Lecturer
Lenka Hamosova is a design researcher and educator with a background in visual communication and strategies.

Masa Hilcisin

Programme Leader

Masa Hilcisin is a filmmaker, producer, lecturer and scholar, who has been working at Prague College since 2009. She holds a BA in Comparative Literature, an MA in European Studies, and a PhD from Masaryk University.

Kelly Hoben

Programme Leader

Kelly has been the Programme Leader of BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media programme at Prague College since 2018.

Basil Hogios

Associate Lecturer
Basil is a professional composer and sound designer in film, media and performing arts, working on diverse projects on all scales, from apps to stadium events.

Haruna Honcoop

Associate Lecturer

Haruna Honcoop is a Prague-born Czech-Japanese documentary filmmaker. She received her BA in Sinology from Charles University in 2008, and spent the next few years studying and living in Beijing, Taiwan and Japan, before returning to study for her Master's at FAMU, focusing on new media, documentary and experimental filmmaking.

Radek Honzik

Programme Leader

Doc. Mgr. et Mgr. Radek Honzík, Ph.D. is Programme Leader for MSc Computing.

Vit Horky

Prague College Alumni

Vit graduated from BA (HONS) International Management in 2009 and is now founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, a provider of social-media based customer care service that helps businesses manage communications with their customers via social networks.

Maia Horniak

Programme Leader

Maia is in charge of the BA (Hons) Creative Media Production programme.


Magdalena Hradecka

Purchasing Manager

Magdalena joined Prague College at its very beginning. After maternity leave she returned, and now works in administration as Purchasing Manager, ensuring that our purchasing processes run well and relationships with our suppliers are kept in good order.

Jodie Hruby

Associate Lecturer

Jodie Hruby teaches in the School of Art and Design at Prague College and mainly in our flagship Masters in Future Design. Jodie is an architect/designer with an MSc in Architecture, Urbanism, and Architectural Conservation from the US and the UK, with further MA design studies at the Chelsea College of Art + Design in London.

Franco Hüller

Programme Leader

Franco Hüller, Programme Leader for Foundation Art & Design, is an Italian artist who devotes himself to experimental work in the fields of painting, photography, installations, performance and video art. 

Joel Imhoof

Principal Lecturer

Joel has been a lecturer at Prague College since 2011, and has also worked in sales, public relations and advertising both in the USA and in the Czech Republic. 

Helena Jakoube

Associate Lecturer

Currently a Design Consultant at Prague branding company Hrivnak, Helena graduated from the BA (Hons) programme in Graphic Design.

Azadeh Kangarani

Associate Lecturer

Azadeh Mohammadi Kangarani is a TV line producer and director, as well as a freelance theatre director, actress, and producer. 

Minoru Kasuya

Board Member

In 1987 Minoru Kasuya joined a project to establish International Pacific College in New Zealand, one of the first private tertiary institutions with degree-granting authority. He was awarded Member of New Zealand Order of Merit in 2000 for his service to education.

Michael Kindernay

Associate Lecturer

Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist, curator and performer. His audio-visual installations interconnect art, technology and science. He reflects ecological issues through various technological approaches in relation to nature environment.

Petr Knobloch

Programme Leader

Programme Leader for MA Future Design, Petr is also a leading practitioner in the field of graphic design.

Marek Kocak

Associate Lecturer

Marek teaches in the School of Business at Prague College, where he concentrates on issues in Business Ethics.

Larry Koch

Associate Lecturer

Larry Koch teaches a range of business, management, accounting and finance classes as a distance learning lecturer at Prague College.

Martin Kopta

Associate Lecturer

Martin is a user experience researcher and design strategist. He promotes the ideas of accessibility of a quality product for the masses into design thinking.

Michal Kroča

Production Manager

Michal Kroča graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Prague College in 2014 and works in the Communications & Marketing Office as a Production Manager.

Branislava Kuburovic

Programme Leader

Programme Leader for MA Fine Art, Branislava is a researcher and translator.

Vidhu Maggu

Associate Lecturer

Vidhu is an Associate Lecturer at Prague College School of Business. She is an educationist with a wide range of multi-cultural work experience.

Cristina Maldonado

Associate Lecturer

Cristina Maldonado is a Mexican artist whose background in body movement lends a unique approach to her visual and conceptual experiments with video, sound, collage and performance.

Michal Marianek

Associate Lecturer

Michal Marianek teaches at Prague College School of Art & Design. He is a Czech audio-visual artist, pedagogue, curator and coordinator of cultural events.

Liz Marr

Board Member

Dr Liz Marr is Director of the Centre for Inclusion and Collaborative Partnerships at the Open University in the UK.

Manuel Mayerhoffer

Associate Lecturer

Manuel is originally from Münster, Germany and has taught in the Business School since 2018, for foundation and undergraduate level courses.

Sean McAlorum

Programme Leader

Sean is Programme Leader for Year 1 and Year 2 in Graphic Design. As well as teaching, he spent nearly twenty years working in magazine publishing and advertising.

Alexandru Mihnea Moucha

Associate Lecturer

Alexandru Mihnea Moucha has vast experience in the areas in which he teaches: computer networks (LAN, MAN, WAN, WLAN, modern internet technologies, routing and switching, security, design and architecture, audit, communication protocols and their design).

Zdenka Myslikovjanova

Accounting and HR
Zdenka has worked at Prague College since its inception, first as an accountant, and - since returning from maternity leave - as HR Administrator.

Ken Nash

Associate Lecturer

Ken is an illustrator, animator, writer, cartoonist and multi-media performer, whose skills encompass the full range of multi-media, including sound recording, audio editing, video, motion graphics, animation, typography, illustration and design.

Jeremiah Palecek

Associate Lecturer

Jeremiah currently teaches Visual Production and Drawing Techniques, emphasizing not only the importance of technical proficiency, but also how to be a creative individual.

Dominik Pantucek

Associate Lecturer
Dominic Pantucek graduated with first class honours in Applied Informatics before coming to study for his Master's in Computing at Prague College. Having been awarded his diploma with distinction, he has now returned to teach in the Computing programme. 

Eva Papouskova

Associate Lecturer

Eva Papouskova is an author of screenplays, books and playscripts, whose wide experience of the creative industry extends from writing highly-praised books for children in Czech, to collaborating with (among others) Oscar-winning director Malcolm Clarke.

Pavla Pauknerová

Associate Lecturer
Pavla Pauknerová is a design theoretician and critic. 
She is currently finishing her PhD at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, dealing with the topic of data, information and knowledge visualization in her dissertation work.

Larissa Petryca

Head of Communications

Originally from Australia, Larissa has worked in Advertising & Marketing in Sydney and Prague in Account, Production and Marketing Management roles. Additionally, she has worked as a Graphic Designer, Copywriter and occasional Prague College lecturer. 

David Petryca

Principal Lecturer

David Petryca, MA is responsible for the BSc (Hons) Computing Blended Learning programme and has been teaching web design and development classes at Prague College since 2004.

Nela Pochova

Student Services

Nela Pochova has been teaching and working at Prague College as a project coordinator and lecturer since 2006. She works with IFSA students and also supports Prague College students and lecturers with their Czech language.

Nelli Pontes

Head of Student Services
Nelli Pontes is Head of Student Services at Prague College.

Dominika Potuzakova

Associate Lecturer
Dominika Potuzakova is an Associate Lecturer in the MA Future Design programme.

Andrea Pruchova

Associate Lecturer

Andrea Průchová received her PhD from the Department of Sociology at Charles University in Prague, and, in addition to being a lecturer at Prague College, is also an Associate Lecturer at Charles University (Institute of Communication Studies).

Lucie Rivera

Associate Lecturer

Lucie Rivera is an Associate Lecturer at Prague College's School of Business.


Christophe Saidi

Principal Lecturer

Christophe teaches in the School of Art & Design and School of Media & IT, specializing in several modules related to audio-visual techniques, and video post-production and editing.

Patrick Scherer

Associate Lecturer

Patrick finished his MSc in Computer Science in 2014. Since 2015 he has taught Computer Systems at Prague College. His main focus is on system security, open-source systems, computer ethics, Internet and privacy issues.

Helena Sebkova

Board Member
Ing. Helena Sebkova, CSc. is Director of the Centre for Higher Education Studies, a Czech public research institute.

Pascal Silondi

Principal Lecturer

Pascal has a degree in Cinema from the University of Sorbonne III, as well as DNAP (National Art Degree) and DNSAP (National Superior Art Degree) from the Academy of Art in Aix-en-Provence.

Pavel Smetana

Associate Lecturer
Pavel Smetana is an Associate Lecturer in BA (Hons) Creative Media Production programme.

Matej Smetana

Associate Lecturer

Matěj Smetana teaches in the School of Art and Design at Prague College and mainly in our flagship Masters in Fine Art. He studied the School of Creative Arts (FaVU) in Brno at the Intermedia and Painting 3 studio of Petr Kvíčala and the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) in Prague, where he received his Ph.D. degree.

Radhik Soni

Associate Lecturer

Soni Radhik is teaching and preparing students for their ACCA exams and is also a consulting Financial Advisor for ProfiExpats in Prague.

Radomir Spok

Board Member

Radomir Spok is the executive director of Europeum - Institute for European Policy. He is responsible for financial management of the organization and leads projects focused on educational and research activities.

Gergana Stankova

Prague College Alumni

Gergana Stankova (formerly Dukova) has been working at DDB Sofia for the past three years, having completed a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at Prague College.

Zdeněk Starý

Rektor, Czech University Accreditation & Programmes (Akcent College VŠ)

Zdenek’s role at Prague College is Rektor of the Czech University Accreditation and Programmes.

Petra Stepankova

Associate Lecturer

Petra is a design researcher with a background in psychology. She enjoys exploring new techniques in design thinking and behavioural design. 

Bruce Sterling

Board Member
Bruce Sterling is a legendary American science fiction author, best known for his novels and his work on the Mirrorshades anthology, which helped define the cyberpunk genre.

Dima Strapchev

Prague College Alumni

Dima Strapchev is an art director and design consultant at branding company Hrivnak, based in Prague. He completed his BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at Prague College

Pavel Suchanek

Resource Centre Manager

In his position as Resource centre manager, Pavel Suchánek is responsible for the library and e-brary as well as for the lending, maintenance and purchasing of equipment.

Petr Svarny

Associate Lecturer

Petr Svarny was born in Prague. He currently works as a product manager at a Czech IT company, which enables him to do what he most likes:  teaching others what he has learnt from experience.

Barbora Toman Tylova

Associate Lecturer

Barbora Toman Tylová is an Associate Lecturer at Prague College's School of Art & Design. Her work covers an entire spectrum of various graphic activities.

Ahmet Vargelen

Associate Lecturer
Ahmet is from Izmir, Turkey. As well as teaching for the Media & IT faculty at Prague College, Ahmet works as a Global Integration Lead for a large international corporate.

David Vaughan

Associate Lecturer

David Vaughan is a writer, broadcaster, journalist and university lecturer, who teaches in the BA (Hons) Communications and Media Studies programme at Prague College. 

Bohus Ziskal

Principal Lecturer

Bohus has over ten years' teaching experience: as a guest lecturer he has taught at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) and at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague.

Lamija Čehajić

Associate Lecturer

Lamija Čehajić is a young multidisciplinary artist who reads theory and makes material poems on collectivity.