School of Business

Excerpts from external examiners' reports for the year 2016

'The centre is an established business school which has been delivering BTEC programmes since 2005. The centre has a very strong quality ethos, with a commitment to continuous improvement.'

'The centre is keen to encourage staff to provide opportunities for students to develop interpersonal skills and behaviours, and often this may involve a challenge for staff to deliver new material.'

'Feedback data is collected from delivery staff and students to inform the review process. Recommendations made for improvement include further developing of networking links with other business schools, and expanding the portfolio of programmes.'

Excerpts from external examiners' reports for 2015

"The centre has a very strong quality ethos, with a commitment to continuous improvement.  Senior management support all the team and ensure they closely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of all the delivery and assessment staff through continuous and rigorous review, and this is designed to also meet Teesside University quality requirements."

"The centre places great importance on ensuring that all policies are developed, implemented, and reviewed, to ensure that quality is maintained."

"The centre is committed to staff training and supports new staff through a close mentoring process.  All staff are observed and receive feedback."

"Student comments confirmed the level of support from teaching staff is very good and they always receive both verbal and written feedback.  They confirmed that the standardised format for assignment briefs helped them structure work better, and the resources provided by the centre through the Moodle VLE are found to be very useful."

"Assignment briefs are very well written and provide a vehicle for students to develop their skills and apply knowledge and understanding with either case studies or students can select their own business to research.  From the work sampled it is evident that students are independent learners through selecting different businesses to research.  The assignments all have suitable vocational scenarios and provide opportunities for students to present evidence in a range of methods including written reports, working in groups, delivering presentations, role play activities, and these are always supported by assessor reports and reflective accounts.

Assessor feedback is excellent, with all assessors providing detailed and constructive documented feedback comments on how work has met the criteria, and how to improve future work."

"The [Internal Verification] process is a strength of the centre as it is robust, thorough, and effective.  All briefs are [Internally Verified] prior to issue to students, and assessment decisions are sampled across the cohorts.  There is a planned sampling schedule and upon completion of a unit assessment the IV will then additionally sample across grades."    

Excerpts from external examiners' reports for 2014

"There is a strong quality ethos and culture and [Prague College] strives to provide a supportive and developmental learning environment for students, and create a team approach for staff.  Over the last few years the centre has increased student numbers and course provision"

"The centre has developed close links with industry and established a research centre to give students the opportunity to develop academic research skills with a vocational focus.The centre also hosts an annual conference attended by keynote speakers."

"There is a strong emphasis on the importance of ensuring an effective quality system to support the delivery of the programmes... The quality of feedback given to students is excellent."

Excerpts from external examiners' reports: 2013

"Almost without exception, comprehensive feedback is provided by assessors, and the documentation encourages explicit recording of achievement of higher grade descriptors."

"There is a strong ethos in the centre for continuous development in terms of quality assurance, satisfaction and high achievement by learners, and progression opportunities."

"Internal verification processes are now rigorous across HND programmes, with comparable procedures and documentation in place; Board Meetings convened twice each semester provide formal monitoring checks on progress, achievement, and determination of course progression by all students."