Alumni Association

The Alumni Association unites our graduates from all years, programmes and countries with the aim of providing lifelong contact between friends and fellow students.

Keeping In Touch

Stay in contact with your friends and colleagues, as well as with all the changes at Prague College well into the future.

A graduate of Prague College becomes a member of the Alumni Association upon successful completion of an undergraduate or postgraduate programme. Alumni are key to our long-term development goals: academic excellence, promoting practical education, ensuring employment, enhancing research and creative initiatives, and engaging the wider community in the Czech Republic and around the world.

By keeping your contact details up to date you can ensure:

  • receiving our regular email newsletter
  • access to professional and employment opportunities
  • membership to our LinkedIn group
  • invitations to reunions and other social events
  • opportunities for networking, promotion and career development, including continuing engagement with our Industry Network

How do I join?

There’s no official signup. Membership is automatic for all those who have graduated from a Prague College programme. However, in order for us to keep you informed of activities, we need your help keeping your contact details up to date.

For this purpose, you can complete this online form.

Looking back to Alumni/Graduation Party 2018

Alumni/Graduation Party 2018